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Introducing Accident Assist, a new public service provided by the Malaysian insurance and takaful industry to members of the public who are seeking immediate roadside assistance in event of a road accident. Accident Assist will also respond to basic or common enquiries relating to motor policies/ certificates. It is a dedicated tele-service line manned by customer service officers operating 24 hours daily.

How It Work?

Accident Assist can help you with these:



24 hours / 7 days a week, helpline, guide you to obtain towing services to approved workshop


Request for Towing

Provide information and answer basic or common enquiries which you may have on making a motor insurance/ takaful claim


Towing Service Complete

Just wait for a moment they will dispatch a unit to your location to get you vehicle towed.

The towing services are presently provided only to private cars.


DIAL: 1800 88 3833

Assistance Whenever & Wherever You Need It

Breakdown Assistance
either at breakdown location or panel workshop
Towing Services
to a panel workshop or destination of your choice
Accident Related Services
offers FREE towing services as part of your Kurnia comprehensive Motor Insurance and Auto365 policy claims.
Fuel Delivery
if you run out, to a gazetted location.

Kurnia One Touch

With Kurnia OneTouch app, you can:

  • Send SOS to Kurnia for any roadside assistance nationwide. The Kurnia Auto Assist team will locate and assist you on your vehicle.
  • Notify Kurnia instantly on your claim at the scene of accident. This helps to speed up your claim process.
  • Locate your nearest Kurnia branch and panel workshops at your convenience.
  • Locate your nearest Kurnia Agent to provide you with insurance solutions and service.
Safe, Fast and Easy with Kurnia One Touch App

Safe, Fast and Easy with Kurnia One Touch AppKurnia One Touch Mobile App is available for download for free at: IOS - https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/kurnia-one-touch/id447755361?mt=8 Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justmobile.kurnia&hl=en

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Contact Kurnia Auto Assist at 1800 88 3833 or call any of our Kurnia branches immediately if you’re involved in an accident

Make sure you make a police report as soon as you can after your accident

Bring your vehicle to your nearest Kurnia branch within 48 hours from the date of the accident with the needed documents

Allianz Auto Assist

Allianz A to Z

Allianz A to Z is a mobile application, built exclusively for our customers.

Allianz Roadside Assistance
Send SOS to Allianz for any roadside assistance nationwide.
Check Motor Insurance Claims
Find out the latest status of your motor claims.
Check Policy Details
Get information on your insurance policy

Learn Help & Guide

FAQ on accident assist about roadside assistance towing services information

  • Accident Assist is a nationwide call centre established by the insurance and takaful industry to immediately connect road accident victims to credible roadside assistance providers and to answer questions which you may have regarding motor insurance/ takaful claims in general.
  • Accident Assist may also connect you to the relevant insurer/ takaful operator to answer any in-depth questions you may have.
  • A customer service officer is available to speak to you and guide you 24 hours, day or night, 7 days a week
  • Accident Assist is part of a collective effort to pool together individual insurers’/ takaful operators’ resources to serve the Malaysian public more effectively.
  • Accident Assist helps to immediately connect you to a road assistance provider appointed by your insurer/ takaful operator.
  • Accident Assist is dedicated to guide you to obtain towing services and basic roadside assistance from approved workshops.
  • It also provides information and answer basic or common enquiries which you may have on making a motor insurance/ takaful claim.

Accident Assist would be able to answer basic or common enquiries relating to your motor claims. However, if you wish to obtain guidance specific to your motor insurance/takaful policy/ certificate or claim, Accident Assist will connect you to the relevant insurer/ takaful operator who will be able to provide in-depth guidance to you.

  • As a value-added service to policyholders/ certificateholders, most insurers/ takaful operators have arrangements with 24-hour roadside assistance service providers. Thus, you are encouraged to contact your insurer’s/ takaful operator’s roadside assistance provider in cases such as a flat tyre or a dead battery.
  • Nevertheless, you may also contact Accident Assist who will then transfer your call to your own insurer’s/ takaful operator’s roadside assistance provider. In cases where your insurer/ takaful operator does not have a roadside assistance provider, Accident Assist may provide you with the contact number of approved repairers. However, in such cases, you will have to bear any charges on your own.
  • If you are dealing with an emergency situation and are in need of urgent medical assistance following a road accident, you must contact MERS999 immediately.
  • Nevertheless, if you have contacted Accident Assist instead, Accident Assist operators will be able to advise you on the nearest hospital to your accident location as well as help to connect you to the MERS999 emergency services hotline.

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